Walk The Walk Painlessly in Those Heels

Heels and long legs are a deadly combo but what about the deadly pain that accompanies those killer heels? Here are a few hacks to keep those heels painless!

Socks & sandals

I have seen aunties wearing socks with sandals on weddings! At that time I didn’t know this is a hack just that they picked the wrong place to apply that little trick to keep the pain away. When you buy a pair of new heels don’t just keep them in your cupboard waiting for that one special event but wear them! Put on socks and then get those sandals on your feet and walk the walk but please be sure not to try this outside the house otherwise you might just be on the worst fashion radar.

What’ll this do? It’ll stretch your heels hence the tightness of the shoes, gone.


Wait, what? Wasn’t deodorant to keep the bad body odor out of our system? You’re in for a surprise. Drop some amount of deodorant on your toes and heels. The friction shall lessen and the heels will be more comfortable to wear!

Talcum powder

Another way to get that tightness away is to throw some talcum powder on your feet or massage your feet with lotion but that might make your feet a bit slippery so be careful.


Blisters and shoe bites are so common when wearing heels. What to do? Apply bandage on your heels or anywhere where it hurts before sliding your feet in that heel.


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