What Did Connor and Khabib Teach Us?

If you had to choose between religion and sport, what would you choose? October 6th made headlines in all newspapers, TV channels and social media roared up after the German Muslim fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov jumped off the Octogon and landed his feet on the entourage of two time lightweight egoistic champ; Connor McGregor.

‘He talked about my religion, my country and my father’

These were the accusations of the title champion after Nurmagomedov taught McGregor a lesson, who tapped out in the fourth round, almost passed out taking his pride on the ground. Connor McGregor has been known to be a bad boy of the hood “Gunda” whose personality speaks a thousand words as the Irishman thinks of himself as the UFC God.

#KhabibvsConnor tweets became the talk of the town as the two champions had to face each other in the furious brawl in Las Vegas Nevada. Connor fans know him through his high class suits, wine and his Irish attitude. He’s seriously a badass in UFC until the pious Muslim fighter snatched his title like ‘Snatching a candy bar from a 12 year old’, Oh boy the look on his face was worth a million bucks as his arrogance shattered.

So, what are the lessons we learned from this great fight?

Over confidence

Over confidence may just get one killed! This fight is a wholesome example of how being a narcissist and degrading the other person will get one nowhere.

Also, when once achieved what the world thought one cannot then that person is supposed to stay humble otherwise no one knows what in the heat of the moment may happen and what the consequences may be.

Profession v/s religion

A person should be known for his work and capability not for his religion. When a man can deliver then what is the point of personal target?

This is done just to mentally torture the other person hence leads to severe consequences afterwards.

Media gossip

Lets be  honest, media is looking for little scoops which may get them more ratings hence they look for such opportunities to flame more fire between the opponents.

Give respect, get respect

There’s a thing in law called chain of causation, a linked series of events leading from cause to effect. When one keeps trying to bring the other person down there will eventually be a reaction to it and then the person has no one else but to blame  himself for it for he had it coming.

Choke on your own words

Lets be honest, all that talk by Connor and then no result in end made him fall from top to the bottom.

He may have said another re-match but lets be honest, the way he lost no re-match can bring back his dignity.



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