Hey, Ariana and Pete What About The Tattoos?

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are no longer together. Everything is happening so fast, right? Seems just like yesterday that the news of them tying the knot was making it to the news as Grande and Davidson seemed so in love whereas now seems like the tables have turned completely.

Grande gets engaged

Where the fans are shocked the insiders are not, a source told People that the whirlwind romance which began in May and moved into engagement by June was “way too much too soon” for both of them. “It’s not shocking to anyone.”

If you are thinking this happened over night well you have clearly been missing the signs. Just like this picture where Davidson is trying to stay away from his ex-lover but she clearly does not get it.

Is it just us or you can feel that awkwardness too?

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However, there are some tattoos that we wonder what’ll the couple do with now since they have called it quits.

Ariana’s “Always” ribcage ink that looks an awful lot like Pete’s handwriting.

Pete’s gigantic “AG” tattoo on his thumb.

Pete’s tattoo of their pet pig Piggy Smalls.

We wonder who gets the custody of Piggy.

What about these matching tattoos?

“H2GKMO” which stands for “honest to god, knock me out.”

Something Ariana says all the time.

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It is crazy the amount of tattoos these two have, constant reminders of what used to be. Will they keep each other’s memories imprinted on their bodies or will they pick a fresh start?

Don’t know about these two but the fans are, however, going crazy on Twitter.

This one surely didn’t see that coming.

Some just find peace in others misery.

The reason, everyone wants the reason.

That’s something even we want to know- WHAT ABOUT THE TATTOOS?

What timings.

Who will keep that cutie?


The time shall tell.

Nothing over self respect, right?


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