South Africa: Your Next Holiday Destination


One of the most relaxing vacations I had with my family was in South Africa, a magnificent place full of beautiful scenery, adventurous activities, exotic fashion and many places to relax. This country should not just be associated with safaris and such but also for its different activities such as paragliding, skydiving, mountain climbing, including different water activities.

South Africa covers activities for people of all ages and personalities, one particular safari that I had gone to was in a famous safari park called; Kruger National Park, there I saw a live lions hunt, it was the most phenomenal experience of my and if you’re lucky you could see a hunt like that too or maybe of some other animal.



Many plays, movies, and music festivals happen there as well and many movies have filmed there too both English and Indian, for example; Blood Diamond and the Bollywood movie Race,  for those who are movie fanatics this is a great place to watch and have fun.

Other sites seeing are included The Cape of Good Hope which is the location of the jail where Nelson Mandela was kept, it was incredible to see that and while I was there it was also his birthday so we got to sign his birthday card, that was one of the highlights of my vacation, Cape Town which is the capital city has got beautiful, majestic mountains that will mesmerizing to look at and since it’s the main city girls can get their shopping wish lists fulfilled.

But the most stunning scenery that usually occurs when you’re driving down the wide open road some animal will be crossing the road or standing on the side of the road which is always fun to look at especially when it comes near your car.


My experience in this country has been fantastic, it’s a very relaxing place, so quiet and peaceful that you can even hear the sound of the waves crashing and the wind blowing, South Africa is a great place to get away from the hectic lifestyle of work and the big city and just wander off in nature and fresh air.

The country has now introduced the concept of halal food as well so there is no worry about that and the food served there is so healthy and fresh that some restaurants have earned Michelin stars such as the Aubergine restaurant and the Test Kitchen world-famous chefs have also come there.

This has been one of the best and personal favorite vacations to go on and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to escape to a calm and relaxing to place with a lot of fun for the whole family.


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