Tips On Studying Abroad

When traveling alone for the first time to study in a new country, it can be frightening, nerve wrecking and challenging yet it can also be exciting, fun and adventurous.

Having lived abroad I had to go through several kinds of experiences and meet many people to understand how to survive in another place and how I can adjust without feeling out of place or feel unsure about things, but once I figured out everything I gradually started to settle in very smoothly and managed to make the best out of my time there.

By making new friends, going to different places and learning new things about the place, I was able to even improve my own personality and become a better person than when I had first arrived at this new place.

After, going through that experience personally, I have decided to share some tips on how you can also have the best time while studying abroad.

Tip 1: Always be prepared for anything:

As soon as you land in a whole new country you become completely self-sufficient, especially when you’re living in the dorms as I did.  It is fun living by yourself but it is also that much tough especially when there is no domestic help. Once you start doing your own work such as cleaning your room, buying your groceries, using public transport to get everywhere, taking of your health while sick, you will start to enjoy doing work yourself and you will feel independent and accomplished, know which grocery shop is close to you, where the pharmacy is, that way you will feel prepared for everything.

Tip 2: Travel around the new country:


Staying indoors will be alright but going out to check the main city, visiting parks, beaches, theatres, maybe doing some site seeing will allow to educate yourself about the place your studying this will result in you having more material to talk about with friends and exploring the country outside your usual area will help you find new places for you to hang out with friends and make good memories.

Tip 3: Always try new things:

Being an international student you should have the urge to try new things such as going to local restaurants and cafes and bistros to have local cuisines and drinks so they can have developed some taste, also if there are any readers you should read the work of some local writers maybe even learn their language too.

Tip 4: Pack well:



As an international student, you will be traveling a lot between your hometown and the country that your studying, so make sure pack well when you’re going to study, for example depending on whether there pack those clothes, what kind of facilities will be available what won’t.


Studying abroad is a great experience for anyone, I would highly recommend and I hope these tips will become useful to you.


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