Nida Yasir’s show promoting skin whitening injections for young girls

It all starts at home when we are watching TV and an ad comes up saying that this product or this service will help you look ten times more beautiful than you already are.

Recently, one of Pakistan’s most commonly watched talk shows ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ hosted by Nida Yasir, the show is encouraging so many young girls and women to use treatments and products to get a fairer skin.

Nida invited a 16-year-old girl to her show in which she motivated the girl to use skin whitening injections, the reason she told the girl was that ‘college ja ja k rang kala hogaya hay aur ammi nay 16saal se pheley pheley nikah karana hay.’




This is the kind of negativity is promoted through shows and ads which results in girls getting involved in different activities, which are not healthy for anyone especially for the younger ones today.

Nida Yasir and her team should be aware of the bad influence this could have on the younger generation who are already stressing over the changes that their bodies are going through as well as their academics and this kind of television is just adding more stress.

Our younger generation should be exposed to more positive television that encourages girls to just be their healthy, normal selves and live a good and happy lifestyle, at the age when they go through major body changes.

The show host then called on the boy from Peshawar, who we all heard has anger issues, and was told to show other children how to get angry, this scene had made everyone go crazy and hyped up with anger it is being brutally criticized by everyone who watched that show.


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