Are You Educating Or Exploiting Your Child?

With the recent video that went viral of the little boy, Ahmed Shah who is seen going furious because someone took his school bag. The woman filming and the one teasing the child both are old enough to realize that what they are doing is wrong! The kid seems bothered and uncomfortable but just for the sake of fun, he is being pushed to act a certain way.

Before one knows it he is the next big internet sensation who is being called on television shows. That little 3-year-old boy seems to be having some serious anger management issues and instead of pointing out how it is wrong and how to work on such an attitude, it is being highlighted as an entertainment element. Ahmed, on the other hand, is being encouraged to carry on with such behavior.

This is not the first time the internet has witnessed parents cashing out on children and their ill manners. Mila is yet another internet sensation who got her fame because of her adult rants. A barely 3-year-old giving relationship advice and whining that Disneyland is overrated! What in the god’s name is wrong with kids nowadays? I’m 25 and still would jump with joy is someone says lets go to Disneyland!

Their innocence is being killed; their misbehavior is considered cute. If anyone wants to point out that the parenting skills are not so great then they are being bashed by the social media audience. I’d like to ask, what for? The Internet is an open place, where if one likes something and the other doesn’t then both of them have the liberty to state their opinions.

Watching these kids rise to fame because of their ill-manners is another sign of how this generation is messing up! There are a few things that the parents need to keep a check on and learn the difference that there is a thin line between being cute and being discourteous.

Start with these 3 basic steps.

Do NOT laugh

Sure, it seems cute when your child abuses but you know it is wrong so stop them right away! Tell them it is wrong and they should not be talking that way. When you catch them in an out of place act or doing something they shouldn’t then please, correct them don’t encourage them by laughing.

Personal issues behind the closed doors

Don’t fight in front of your kids. Children learn more from what they see than what you preach them. No, personal talks should be indulged in front of your little one whether it is gossip or a rant. The innocent minds should not be fed on adult talks.

Watch your tongue before you speak out in front of them.

Away from gadgets

In today’s time, this is the hardest thing to do but you have to put your step down. When your children are around you try to have little to no screen time, talk to them, play with them, go out and give them your undivided attention.

Social media is one of the vital reasons why kids have become so obnoxious; they watch these bizarre videos of kids acting like grownups the entire day and adapt similar behavior.






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