What DeepVeer’s Wedding Got On Us

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are finally tying the knot and the public could not be happier! Many people have been shipping this couple and for the longest of time have been waiting for the big news. The wait is, however, over and we know DeepVeer is taking the next big step this November.

Deepika and Ranveer November wedding

The thunder of Priyanka’s engagement is now stolen by this couple. The news when surfaced, people could not keep calm and even though they aren’t invited yet they could not help being excited. Here’s a list of reactions that the people made when they heard that wedding bells are going to be heard, again, really soon in B’Town.


People could not keep calm with those tweets as they poured their hearts out for the couple.

At the same time, memes started trolling in too.


The social media started flooding with throwback pictures of Deepika and Ranveer followed with cute captions of how they are made for each other.

Crazy wedding or not

Where will the wedding take place? Will it be a destination wedding or a completely traditional one? Should we expect a close knitted event or a glamorous wedding or a Ram Leela kind of set up? With Ranveer’s craziness, everyone is expecting something huge!

Bizarre wedding rituals

Who’ll rock the dance floor?

Will the duo do a couple dance? Will we see the bride and groom’s parents dance? Which faces from the industry should we be expecting to do those latkas and jhatkas.

Most important of all, will Ranbir Kapoor be seen performing on Channa mereya?

What’s the look?

The bride will opt for traditional makeup or no makeup up look or what could be her preference for makeup on her big day? Also, many hope that Ranveer doesn’t end up doing anything whacky with his hair right before the big day.

Perfect dress

Some have their guesses that the bride might opt for Sabyasachi then there are some who worry that maybe Deepika has to compete against Ranveer on their big day. Many have their bets on that the groom might end up showing in a lehanga (we hope not!).

Deep’s will look stunning, like always. Gunday actor, on the other hand, has got everyone biting their nails with curiosity. Will he pull out any new fashion stunt on his wedding or will he, for once, play it safe?


There were rumors previously that the couple shall allow no phones, it was supposedly a “no phone” wedding which left many fans devastated. They weren’t invited but they certainly do want to be updated minute by minute.

That is one main concern.

How to keep getting live updates? Stay hooked on to all the people who are invited to the ceremony and keep checking their social media religiously.

Current guest, ex-lover

Will the ex-encounters be awkward?

Which of those ex-es will show up and how many of them will be bringing a plus one?


Certainly, the couple is waiting eagerly to say their vows but the entire nation is comparatively more excited.

Everyone awaits to hear them say the vows.



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