Hair Dye Is No Child Play

Getting your hair dye is a risky business. Good or bad it’ll be one decision that shall stay with you for quite some time and there is no way can you escape from it since it’ll be on your head- literally!

Playing with your hair color is no joke. The dye can make or break your look.

Firstly, we give a round of applause to all those who have the courage to trust someone with their hair. Secondly, appreciation for the hairdressers who do such an amazing job and try their level best to satisfy their client.

However, if you’re still a hair virgin and plan on going and getting the hair some action then be prepared for the mixed ride of emotions that you’ll go through and do not worry for that anxiousness and fear is quite common and normal.

Find the right hair accessories 

What color?

Deciding which color and style to opt for, ombre, balayage, streaks, dip dye or be daring enough to try the rainbow look.

This step will get you so confused that you’ll right away start second-guessing yourself.


This is usually recommended by the hair stylist that get a haircut which would suit your new look.

Most of the time the clients are hesitant because they did not plan on it but the hairdresser knows how to lure the client in talks.

Beauty to a beast in one spa visit 

And it begins

As soon as the dye starts getting applied on your hair and the hair are wrapped in the foil that is the moment the anxiety starts kicking in.

You’ll keep imagining the worst scenarios of all time.

Simple tips to make your hair dyes last longer

How long will it take?

It is no child’s play this process takes a lot of time hence one needs to be patient. Although how can one be patient when they don’t know what is going on?

Well, you need to trust the stranger that you have given the authority to experiment with your hair.

Hair Wash

And the time comes when the truth is just moments away. The hair is being washed and you cannot wait to see yourself in the mirror, or can you? For you are scared and no matter how much that salon employee would be praising your new hair color you just won’t believe a word you hear.

Until you see it for your own self.

Raise your hair game

It’s time

The hair is wet by the time you get back to your seat. The blow dry begins and you try to figure out whether the color suits you or not. As soon as the blow dry is complete you look straight in the mirror.

Then one thing out of these 2 happens:

You cannot digest the fact that you look SO darn good!


You try to hide your disappointment.

New hair, who this?

Whether you love it or hate it you are stuck with it. So, it’ll take some time for you to get used to it.


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