Winter Fashion Issues

Winter means more clothes and which means more clothing problems. Along with freezing temps, winter brings plenty of clothing issues—salt stains, sweater pills, and bulky, unflattering clothing, to name a few.

1. Stop a run in your tights or stockings from worsening by spraying it with stronghold hairspray. 

The spray will hold the fibers in place temporarily.

2. Make the life of your tights last much longer by freezing them before wearing the first time. 

Take a pair of brand new tights and run them under the faucet. Wring out the water, put the tights in a plastic bag, and freeze them overnight. The next day, let the tights thaw out and then use as normal. The cold temperature of the freezer will strengthen the fibers of your tights.

3. Fix a pilling sweater by gently rubbing a pumice stone over the pills.

The texture of the pumice stone will easily grab the balls of sweater fluff. Be careful not to rub the actual sweater. Light strokes that graze the surface work just fine.

4. Use a makeup sponge as a lint roller to remove sweater fuzz or shed hair from your faux fur coat.

Who knew a Beauty Blender could be so handy?

5. Make an itchy sweater softer with a little hair conditioner and white vinegar. 

Soak your sweater in cold water mixed with a few tablespoons of white vinegar for 15 minutes. Then gently massage hair conditioner into your sweater and let it sit for about half an hour. Rinse all the conditioner out and then lay your sweater flat to dry. When finished, your sweater will be considerably less itchy.

6. Run a dryer sheet over your hair or clothing (like hats) to eliminate static.



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