‘Fashion 2’ will be in the making, according to director.

After the release of the original Bollywood’s ‘Fashion’ in 2008, the director of the film, Madhur Bhandarkar has decided to make a sequel; ‘Fashion 2’ which apparently he has never done before with his other movies. He has already thought of the stories that he wants to show that has been inspired by the real world, which he has been doing for the past movies. The 50-year-old director was never really interested in making sequels, however, with ‘Fashion’ he had more stories to tell that are related to that world.

‘Fashion’ was the film that everyone enjoyed watching, it portrayed the dark side of the fashion industry and how the models, designers, and big socialites are struggling to become the best and get the best of everything in their fields. Working as a model is not as easy as everyone has labeled it to be, in this movie we get to see how they manage their personal and professional lives as well as how they deal with the fame that they gain. Madhur Bhandarkar has also said that some of the scenes were very emotional for him to shoot, for example, when Priyanka walks the ramp after being told about Ranaut ’s death or when Kangana was walking on the runway so confidently after being by her boyfriend.

This move is still watched by everyone, the actors had done a fantastic job as they performed very well and were able to work together. Priyanka, Kangana, and Mughda Godse were able to act so well and would go beyond what is expected of them that it was interesting and fun to watch for everyone.

We wonder what the director is going to do next that will make ‘Fashion 2” more appealing for the audience to watch and what kind of stories he will tell in the upcoming film.


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