Road trip to China in under 25K

The best type trips to take anywhere are road trips with the beautiful scenes on either side, wind blowing your hair, listening to music and making pit stops on the way. While all of us would enjoy a road trip not everyone has the time to plan for one on how to go, however, now a private transport company with the help of CPEC (Pakistan China Economic Corridor), has launched a bus that will take you from Pakistan to China in under Rs.25000.

Now a road trip to China has become much easier, the bus will depart from Lahore and arrive at Kashgar China while on the way you can enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the Northern areas of Pakistan. This 30-hour-long road trip will cost Rs.13,000 is for one-way and for return the cost will be Rs.23,000 for the return ticket. People have already started to book their tickets for this exciting journey.

According to the schedule that was issued by the authorized operator, the bus service will run for four days a week from Lahore to Kashgar on the following days; from Lahore it will be on: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday while the departure from Kashgar is going to be on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can buy the tickets for this awesome road trip from Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.

This service also features premium buses, comfortable journey, good en-route services such as breakfast, lunch, dinner refreshment beverages, tea and snacks, and fast Wi-Fi services throughout the journey. If you want to go on a luxurious road trip with a good price this bus to China would be ideal for you, this makes a normal road trip look like a very boring and normal one but for some this type of road trip is a more enjoyable one.


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