Bringing Back The Sit-ins And Strike Days

There was a time when Karachites were used to all the strikes. No one knew when sitting at dinner time the news channel would give a breaking news that the city is being shut down tomorrow and all the institutes, offices shall remain closed. At that moment it seemed like a bliss, a holiday out of the blue! Talk about a good surprise. However, sadly all good things must come to an end and that happiness would die when the news channels would be reporting all the rallies and disturbance taking place in the city.

What happened on 31st Oct was something that nobody saw coming, at least those who don’t keep in touch with the current happenings did not and when the situation of the city worsen everyone had to rush back home. It was quite difficult to understand or put a finger on how to feel; happy that early off or disappointment that what kind of mindset people have even in today’s time?

With that confused feeling people living on the other side of the bridge left for their homes, after all, everyone wants to reach their safe place and be around the people they love.

So, what exactly happens when a strike is announced? Living in Karachi here are a few things that we know for sure happen when the city is shutting down.

The call

You get a call from home or a relative (most of the time) who break the news that “halat are kharaab” (the situation is bad)and you need to get home!

In case you are at home then you need to stay at home.

What’s the news?

News channels are switched on, social media is checked.

What is going on? One starts checking out every source they could get some details from.

What’s going on?

Panic starts to kick in.

Texting and calling every person that you care about to make sure they are safe and secure.

Roads jam

One really needs to know all the directions and shortcuts.

Otherwise one may just stay stuck in traffic, forever.


This is the time when forward messages start rolling in and the majority have the same information regarding the current situation.

Same text, different source.


Funny enough even at times like this the internet trolls just won’t stop

Social media war

Everyone feels like they are obliged to give their two cents on the matter.

All hail the social media warriors!

What about tomorrow?

With all the uncertainty in the air one begins to wonder- do we get an off tomorrow or not?


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