Double Celebrations Are In Order For Shahrukh Khan

It seems like a good start of the month for the King of Bollywood, as he will be celebrating his 53rd birthday and the promotion of his new movie called ‘Zero’.

The upcoming movie will be starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma along with of course the main star Shahrukh Khan, the first trailer will be released on Shahrukh’s birthday which everyone is very excited to see.

This grand event will take place at IMAX at Wadala on 2nd November, the organizers of this event have decided to redo Meerut city in a way that and establishing a clock tower while preparing the festivities for Shahrukh’s birthday celebration as well.

The festivities will include food stalls, fan meet and greet with interactive media as well, cast and crew will be attending the event along with the main three; Katrina, Shahrukh, and Anushka.

Fan’s are looking forward to Shahrukh’s new movie called ‘Zero’, it features Shahrukh Khan as Raj who is a man of short build who dreams of dating a specific superstar. He doesn’t know what to expect in return but what he does know is that love comes in many forms; this looks like an interesting film to which everyone is very excited for, especially when they saw the posters.

Shahrukh Khan had taken on twitter to thank his costars Katrina and Anushkha for all their help in making Zero. In one tweet he wrote for Katrina ‘isn’t she the most beautiful!!! My friend with the loveliest…thanks for making Zero come true,’ with a picture of the movie poster with him and Katrina.

In the other tweet he wrote, ‘isn’t she the warmest and kindest! My friend…Thanks for bringing Zero to life,’ with a picture of the movie poster with him an Anushka.

Before the announcement of the release date, Shahrukh was asked at a recent event about when the first trailer will be released to which the star replied “I don’t know as it is difficult because of the visual effects and it takes time in every aspect, this is not a regular film. So we have decided it but when it will be ready that is known by the director, Aanand L Rai, and his technical team.”

It was a big surprise for the fans when they heard that the trailer will be released on the 21st December, the day of Shahrukh’s birthday, and we can’t wait to see it.


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