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Is It Happening Because Of Salt?

Even the yummiest of steak is tasteless if there is no salt in it. Salt no doubt whatsoever is the key ingredient to any dish. Although too much of everything can be harmful and same is the case with salt or with anything to that matter.

While salt is something you cannot have your food without, it is necessary to keep a check on how much salt you devour. Consuming too much salt can have serious negative effects on your health. Is this something that you were unaware of? Well, then you might just be shocked to know a few of the symptoms you are facing are due to salt and now you can put a finger on it that why is that happening to you.

 Where’s the washroom?

Everywhere you go you are worried about one thing- is there a clean washroom?

Bathroom breaks have become a ritual and you have gotten all your tests done for the possible reasons that it could be happening for but everything seems to be clear, then what could it be?

Frequent urination is a classic sign that you are consuming too much salt.

Water, please.

To quench that thirst seems like a mission impossible because no matter what you are always thirsty!

Consuming too much salt can leave you feeling thirsty most of the time.

Where did the swelling come from?

Ever come across a swollen body part and asked yourself, “when did this happen?” Since you can never figure out when did you hurt yourself that the swelling occurred.

The answer to that mystery is solved: salt! Consuming too much salt can give you swelling in different parts of the body.

Headache loves your company.

You got your eyesight checked thinking maybe that is the cause of your headache, took anti-depressants because the doctor said it is the stress getting the best of you, changed your lifestyle but all in vain and nobody can figure out what is wrong. There could be one reason behind that headache, yes, you guessed it- salt!

Consuming too much salt is likely to give you headaches in short intervals due to dehydration. Drink lots of water to beat these headaches.

Can’t think straight.

If your brain feels foggy and confusions spring up too often, do two things:

i- see a doc.

ii- Check your sodium level.

 Excessive salt not only affects your brain but also leaves you debilitated in the long run.


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