To Marry Or Not To Marry

Marriage is no joke neither is it a bed of roses. A lot of effort needs to be put in to make a marriage last. Many try few fail, every day one gets to hear a different story related to this sacred relation where some restore our faith the others also give us goosebumps.

Growing up and till now we have seen our friends, siblings, uncles, aunts and basically, almost everyone from a different relation tying the knot and with that came a different set of experiences. Here are 5 stories which shall highlight what the real deal is about marriage.

But that’s not your place

A friend of mine got married when she was 16, shocker, right? Back then the laws were not that firm and there was no music to be faced. Also, my friend willingly agreed to the proposal so all was good. She shared her first week of being married out of which one encounter stood out when she told us that she was picking up her husband’s shoes and her partner right away stopped her saying, “I didn’t get married to you so you do my work. I can manage my own things you just look after yourself and let me know if you need anything.”


Family or new family member

At times the family is too eager to get their son married and they don’t think through the entire process. This friend of mine got married and after that, the only relation he seemed to be fulfilling was the duty of a husband. Nothing wrong in that just that what about the other relationships and the people who have always been there for you?

Hand in hand

Anonymous shared her story that the marriage was against her will and the guy knew it. However, the nuptial night was giving her nightmares already and when the final time came, she was expecting the worst but what happened came as a surprise to her. He just held her hand and slept.

Certainly, not all men.

Reality check

All happy that she got married to the love of her life. Caught in the madness of the celebration she completely forgot that she is no longer going to call her parents place her home. The reality hit her when her parents left and she started crying like a little kid!

The next morning when she woke up next to the face she had been adoring since years yet the feeling of being at a strange place haunted her.

Tough Start

As this story is shared it reflects on how few men really just marry so their family gets an unpaid maid.

On their wedding night the newly wedded bride was given a lecture on how she has to look after the guy’s family and if in any way the family is displeased from her then she’ll is trouble.




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