Careem, What’s With These Ads?- My Review

Careem provides reliable, safe, convenient and affordable transport. It has gotten quite popular in Pakistan, and every other person is seen availing this service. Despite a few horror stories circulating on the internet, yet, this company has loyal customers who keep defending them from time to time.

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Recently Careem started a new campaign, Akele nah jaana extra kamai chor kar. The message is quite useful and for people who are looking for some means to make that extra cash, this is a perfect opportunity for them. Nevertheless, I found these ads a bit knotty.

Akele Na Jana Extra Kamai Chorr Kar

Saleem Sahab has a secret and we just figured it out ;)#AkeleNaJanaExtraKamaiChorrKar

Posted by Careem on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The first ad that caught my eye was a conversation between three old men. Two of those friends were asking their third friend how is he getting all the money from to which the man replies, “dosri shaadi kar li hain. Bari ameer hain tumhari bhabhi,”( I have married this wealthy woman). The other two friends seem quite taken aback and in dismay, start cross-questioning him to which the man explains to them that he is a part-time captain in Careem. The too much emphasize on the word “bhudday” (old) clearly indicate that to be a Careem captain there is no age requirement, which is a major plus point. However, one question that came to my mind was, is there any joke that these men could make without saying anything about 2nd marriage? It’s like the majority of the jokes are sexist which they utter from their mouth. If roles were reversed and three ladies were in this ad, would even then this so called joke would have been applied?

Akele Na Jana Extra Kamai Chorr Kar

Ali bhai has a secret and we just figured it out ;)#AkeleNaJanaExtraKamaiChorrKar

Posted by Careem on Saturday, October 20, 2018

The second ad to this campaign was about three guys who are freshies at university, and during the car ride, they are discussing their plans on how to rule the university. Funny enough the concept people have that kids go to university to have fun and not study, this ad just proves that. The guys are not talking about their future plans but instead about how they’ll be the university studs. If you belong from a conservative background, please keep your family away from this ad!

Akele Na Jana Extra Kamayi Chor Kar

Ahsan has a secret and we just figured it out ;)#AkeleNaJanaExtraKamaiChorrKar

Posted by Careem on Friday, October 26, 2018

Their 3rd ad, last but not the least, for now, was about a friend pulling his other friend’s leg. What was the topic this time? Of course, a girl! The friend keeps asking his pal that who was the girl with him the other day. As the conversation goes on an acquaintance interrupts them and solves the mystery, the guy is a Careem captain. Can all the girls please raise their hands up who would be okay traveling with a guy who later on will be teased with their reference? The thought certainly made me uncomfortable!

The funny part is nobody found these ads problematic. The idea behind this notion is no doubt good, but the execution and concept really matters!


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