How addicted Are You To Your Phone?

Phones have become the most addictive thing that we are all attached to, anyone with a phone will tell you that their phone is like their best friend, their right-hand man.

Before phones were just considered as a luxury but now its become a necessity for all but for some that necessity has now turned into an addiction. It seems that it is harder to not check your phone than it is harder not to crave for a cigarette.

A woman from China was glued on her phone for an entire week, reports said that her fingers of her right hand were stuck in the ‘phone holding position,’ which apparently no one has heard of.

She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors said that she is suffering from a condition called Tenosynovitis which leads to joint pain, swelling, and stiffness in her hand. She only kept her phone down when she was going to sleep otherwise she would skip work just to use her cellphone.

Now, phone addiction has become a serious health problem for everyone as they spend hours and hours texting, calling or checking their social media, cases like this are happening a lot.

Especially today when even teenagers are attached to their phones like it’s an extension of their hand that must be in us all the time.

Studies have shown that phone addiction does not only affect your physical health but also your mental health. When phones are taken away from young people they felt a sense of ‘withdrawal’ and also felt a sense of loss, depression, and like they were missing a part of themselves.

We could actually use a break from using our phones or at least use it in a moderate amount instead of allowing our phones to take up all of our time and energy.

Addiction to phones is now being compared to drug addiction as young people have also shown signs similar to a drug addiction which is very concerning. So let’s put away our phones and take a breath of fresh air.



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