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Food Delivery Guy Our SuperHero During Strikes

With the current situation of the city for the past three days where people were scared to even step outside their houses it was a surprise that eatery places were still delivering food. One side of the bridge keeps going about with their normal routine whereas at the other end it is a living nightmare. Despite it all it was amazing that restaurants even on the other side of the bridge were continuing with their delivery services.

Bringing back the sit – ins and strike days  

Was it wise of them or stupid? Was it really necessary that they risk their riders’ life and why did the riders agree on taking those orders? So many questions unanswered, although, we tried to jot down few of the possibilities to why one should and should not order at times like this.

News exaggerates

This is partially true; the news channels do tend to spice up the information a bit. However, if it was really that unsafe then the restaurants would not be open. Also, if one is too scared to step out to grab a snack then why put anyone else’s life in risk?

Hot food a call away

When the offer is being put out then one would be dumb not to avail it. Who doesn’t want some good food while that strike gives everyone, almost everyone, the chance to stay at home and chill in pajamas the entire day? This is like a blessing for majority, everything is closed but the food line is still open.

All these popular restaurants are now open in your area!

Tip extra

Since the riders are stuck with this duty and if you don’t order someone else might so the best one can do is, tip a little more. If you give Rs.100 then at times like this add an extra hundred. At least make it worth the risk they take.

Situation under control

One thing is for sure this gives one a satisfaction that the situation is not all that bad. If food is getting delivered then definitely there is no war zone going out there.

Tipping not compulsory 

However, at times no matter how bad the condition is outside these poor men still have to fulfill their duties. So, please be considerate before placing that order.

Who’s to blame?

If god forbid something happens to the rider on the way then who is to be blamed? Unless there is scarcity in the house and you are running completely out of groceries please don’t order food at times like this. Their life is important and one does not know over what circumstances they are in to take this kind of risk on their shoulders.





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