#ZeroPoster Trending For All The Wrong Reasons

Being inspired by someone is nothing bad; however, completing plagiarizing their hard work is certainly unethical.

Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie, Zero is among the most awaited movie of the year. Ever since the teaser came out everyone has their thinking hats on that what is this film about. Yesterday, on Shahrukh Khan’s birthday the trailer was released and so were the posters of the movie.

How do we spend Shahrukh Khan’s birthday 

Where we don’t doubt the lead cast or the story line of the film but at the same time cannot help but raise eyebrows on that poster. We didn’t say it but Twitter did as the backlash started on yet another copy paste poster. Is Bollywood out of ideas for that resemblance is uncanny?

Even the wardrobe is of the same color, yikes!

People were quick to catch the resemblance for that poster does remind one French-Belgium Movie titled Un homme à la hauteur’s (Up For Love) poster. Seems like the Indian film industry is again caught with their sneaky copy-paste business.

This cannot be unseen.

Apparently, not just one but both the posters are inspired from different regions of the world.

Here’s yet another disappointed Twitter user.

Not like this is happening for the first time that everyone is hyped up.

Srk does not make the posters. Why are the haters always ready to bite and talk without thinking?

This person has done his homework.



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