Chef Fatima Ali Talks About Battling Cancer.

Recently, Chef Fatima Ali had appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in which she opened up about her battle with a very rare bone cancer. And, like with all of her guests, she had a surprise in store for Fatima.

The chef spoke to Ellen that, last year she was diagnosed with this cancer and the doctors had told her that she only had a year to live, unfortunately.

This made Fatima very upset, however, she did not let this get in the way of her positive approach to life and instead decided to do the things that are in her bucket list for example, traveling to different countries and visiting world’s best restaurants.

According to Peoples Magazine, the Top Chef contestant said that she had already achieved one of her goals which was to meet the American TV show host Ellen DeGeneres.

During the the Aspen Food and Wine festival in July, she claimed that she was “technically cancer-free”  but had to go through to more 2 more months of chemotherapy as it was returning.

Fatima Ali went on to say that she went to get a PET scan after which the Doctors said “the cancer is back and it has metastasized, the chemo did not work.” Ali recalled, she only had a year left.

Ellen decided to help the poor girl, who she considered as her “new best friend”, gifted chef Fatima with $50,000 to help her travel around the world.

The 29-year-old chef said that she had set up the GoFundMe campaign to spread support for the same cause.

Fatima said, “I’m so looking forward to this next year because I’m surrounded with so much positive. I’m so lucky to have friends and family like I do.”

Its great to see chef Fatima Ali inspire all of us to stay strong and positive in life despite what life throws at you.




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