What Facebook Group Members Need To Filter

Facebook groups have gotten quite popular. Instead of going on Google people now search these groups whenever a query comes up to them. From relationship advice to which are the best schools in town, these groups have very smartly penetrated the entire social circle of Facebook.

After all, Facebook is all about connecting people together, right? These groups have made it quite easier where all the strangers bond with each other over their misery, happiness and some badass movements.

Although one thing not to be forgotten is that Facebook groups are only as awesome as their members. They can be an amazing resource or an unhelpful irritant, and it all depends on what the members post within the group.

What type of Facebook group member are you?

We list down 5 things that people need to stop posting on Facebook groups! And trust us when we say, about time someone pointed these out.

Posting pictures of your rash or injury

Nobody wants to see that! Opening Facebook scrolling down only to encounter a picture of your rash, we did not sign up for that. Consult a freakin’ doctor. You need expert advice who knows your history not random people on the internet who talk from their own experience.

Remember, not necessary what suits them would suit you too.

Trash talking

It’s okay to rant but there is a difference between ranting and trash talking. All those who discuss their issues and in the process go on demeaning their family and their spouse- DON’T DO THAT.

Stalking the stalker 

No matter what one says about supporting each other, people talk. Why do you want the people on the group to discuss your personal life?

 Pick up the phone and call your best friend instead of whining in front of online strangers out of which many could turn out to be mutuals with the people you are talking about.


Posting controversial opinion

If you post an unpopular controversial opinion then please be ready to be bashed. If you cannot handle that then don’t post it at all.

Majority of the time that topic has nothing to do with the group yet it is posted.

We wonder why.

Other inbox screenshots

These have been trending lately and they have started getting on everyone’s nerves. They won’t say it but it is true, they have started getting annoying. Everyone gets those messages, ignore them or even if you don’t want to that is entirely up to you but please don’t go on posting it showing what a badass you are with your savage replies.

Is “Will you franship me” dead?

Asking the same question asked several times before

Before posting any query please use the search bar because the possibility of that being asked before is 99%.


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