Badhaai Ho Similar Plot With a Strong Message- My Review

Ever since I saw Badhaai Ho’s trailer, I knew I’m going to watch this movie on the big screen. The story seemed different than all the movies combined together from the Bollywood world. Also, this was yet another issue that has not been addressed, ever, in the desi community.
If a young couple gives out the “good news,” then they are applauded for it, and when the elder couple does the same then they are the joke of the century, why? Have to give it to Amit Ravindernath Sharma for directing this movie and shedding light on this matter. Honestly, we are so done with the same old love stories and fights that this film got me all excited, yes! Something different.
The acting by Badhaai Ho cast was done perfectly, nothing over the top and not trying too hard.
Ayushman Khurana is a diamond in the making.
From the setup to their living standard, language and the specific accent they speak with has been carried out throughout the movie without any loophole anywhere in between. Just in the end though I wasn’t expecting that the delivery would happen in such a fancy hospital. Coming from a low middle-class family, everyone knows how expensive the medical expenditure is especially the C-section it was hard to gulp down that they could afford it. But that’s just my observation.
One thing that Lollywood really needs to learn from Bollywood is that how to do subtle marketing instead of placing sponsors right in our faces.
Anyway coming back to the movie the storyline was good but it was predictable.
The same plot; news out – entire family and community against – something out of the blue happens – few hurdles – the family realizes how wrong they were and they start guilt tripping – support the people they were against – everyone happy.
The movie was funny, there were some great punchlines, and the humor was spot on, but it could not keep me engaged for long because at one point it was apparent what will happen next. I guess I like my stories unpredictable and that is what the best part is, no? Not knowing what will happen next.
Other than that, few dialogues that had the entire cinema and me laughing out loud.
Two lines, however, stood out for me:
-When the parents break the news to their kids. Aysushman late at night slaps his younger brother saying, “Apna kamra chahiye! Apna kamra chahiye! Kuch din aur na so sakta tha mummy papake beech me!” (You used to ask for a separate room for yourself. Couldn’t you have slept with mummy and papa for a few more days?). The theatre was filled with laughs at this one.
-The villain mother in law all of a sudden has this soft corner for her pregnant daughter in law, and she starts defending her in front of everyone else. In that lecture, the mother in law says a line which was on point and then uses a word that lightened up the mood. Pointing out the double standards of the society where when a young couple gets married within a year they are pestered to start a family and when an elderly couple wants to have another child after their children have grown up becomes a crime and shame to the family, why? As the lecture goes on the mother in law says kids don’t just happen overnight for that one needs to do sexy! That sexy instead of sex yet got us all gasping for air.
Although, it was not all laughs I even caught people crying. The emotional aspect was definitely there.
Other than this I absolutely loved how much the husband adored his wife! All those couples in their 50’s should take some inspiration from them. To sum it up the message given across this movie was good, no doubt over that but the story was a bit too predictable.
Also, there were kids in the cinema and call me old school but I don’t think below 13 years of age should be allowed to sit in for such movies. Can we please let the kids be kids for the few years of innocence that they have? The last thing I would want is my little nephew seeing on the big screen two adults making out, and then the lead actor saying that is this something our parents should be doing?

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