Face Wipes Your Frenemies

Makeup is the fun part taking off that makeup is the hard part. With weddings right around the corner and the rat race of who looks the best one really starts getting worried regarding their skin. After all those cosmetics are not good for your skin at all and too much use often leaves a mark with zits or irritated skin.

You must be thinking that you take off the makeup before sleeping and that is enough to keep that skin in good hands after all thanks to the face wipes life seems easy, right? But did you know those face wipes are not the perfect solution and might be causing some bad to your skin.

There are certain things that no one told you about facial wipes and we can’t blame you but you need to know they can’t be a replacement for your trusty face wash.

Irritate your skin

They contain a lot of chemicals that can irritate your skin, strip the natural oils and dry out your skin. Also, some might contain alcohol that could cause stinging. If you feel a certain face wipe is not suiting your skin please trash it! Do not play with your skin.

Breakouts and wrinkles

Sometimes you need to scrub your face really hard to get rid of the residual makeup, dirt, and sweat. Well, if you keep up at it then eventually you’ll end up with wrinkles on your face. Moreover, these moist cloths packed on top of each other are a breeding ground for bacteria. You know what that means don’t you? Breakouts!

Your face is not cleansed

Cleansing wipes don’t effectively clean your face but end up smearing all the products, dirt, and makeup all over your face. If you want 100% clean skin, you need to finish off with a cleanser. That’s the only way you won’t end up with sudden breakouts. Next time you feel you have face wiped your face and your job is done, think again.


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