Makeup Blunders The Brides Should Stay Away From

Every girl has that big day planned in her head ever since her childhood. Some girls don’t want a marriage but they want a wedding. Who doesn’t want to dress up and be the center of attention even if for a day? For sure a marriage is a huge deal and it is a life changing decision. However, with all the plannings and what to do girls usually forget what not to do on their big day.

Rants of a wedding host

Yes, we are talking about the makeup. Every bride wants to look the best and they have the right after all their day! Few makeup mistakes that the brides really need to avoid and what’s better than knowing beforehand what not to do, makes things easier.

Booking The Makeup Artist In Demand

Don’t just book the makeup artist because everyone said so or because their social media had some amazing pictures. The pictures majority are edited. Hear the reviews but for your own satisfaction first go and look around yourself, ask whatever is bothering you and then decide accordingly.

Remember- big name does not mean that work would be just as good.  Beginner makeup artists also have some really good makeup ticks up their sleeves, give them a chance but ask them to give you a trial so there is no room for uncertainty.

Too Much Foundation

Pick the shade of your skin tone. Fair is not lovely and dark is not ugly!

Please do not overdo the foundation for the base matters a lot. Opt for the right foundation tone to match your skin tone and blend it perfectly. One layer is enough to give you the natural dewy look and that is the look you should opt for.

No Waterproof Makeup

You don’t know whether the hall’s temperature will be cold or hot, or the moment you step out of the salon will humidity hit you? To be on the safe side it is always wise to go for waterproof makeup.

Also, you might just tear up and with those tears rolling down you definitely don’t want the makeup to start running too, or do you?

Not Covering Your Face When Putting On Your Wedding Dress

 Do you want your wedding trousseau to be stained with your eye shade or lipstick? If your answer is no then always cover your face before wearing your dress. There is nothing worse than smudging your makeup after a two hour hard work. Imagine the horror!

Copying The Look

No experiments please! This is your wedding day. The look that you saw on the model may just not suit you; she was on a runway whereas you’ll be sitting on a stage. Pour in your ideas with your makeup artist but then ask her to do what she thinks would suit you best.



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