Sophie, Maisie Slam Trump For ‘Game of Thrones’-Inspired Tweet

After Donald Trump posted an image online inspired by Game of Thrones imagery, HBO and a handful of actors from the show slammed the president for the image’s political slant. The post – which features a photo of Trump behind a body of text – directly borrows one of the show’s most iconic lines, as well as its distinctive font.

Following the White House’s reimposition of sanctions against Iran following their withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (commonly referred to as the Iran nuclear deal), Trump posted an image online that borrowed direct influence from HBO’s Game of Thrones in more ways than one. As the results, he drew attention from HBO itself, as well as some of the show’s stars, who did not take kindly to the President using references from the series without permission.

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin also reacted on Twitter, tweeting directly at Trump an image that read: “Fear cuts deeper than swords. Vote Tuesday the 6th.”

On Friday, Trump tweeted an image of himself which featured a text overlay that read, “Sanctions are coming,” an apparent play on the much-named Game of Thrones slogan. The font of the text also appears to mimic that used in the HBO series.

The White House Twitter account followed up Trump’s tweet with an announcement that the president is reimposing all sanctions lifted under the Iran deal, which was negotiated by then-President Barack Obama and five other world powers in 2015 in an effort to restrict Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons.


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