Dangers of Social Media

Social media is one platform that got to fame not so long ago. There was a time when life was less complicated; this was when “we” did not have exposure towards such technology. Social media definitely has its ups and down. Now, for many of us, life has become: Eat. Sleep. Check timelines and enter the world of social media.

This world of social media has brought multiple amounts of opportunities but also pitfalls. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. The probability of risk is higher on this social networking place compared to others. Every week there seems to be a headline about some who has got into trouble through social media. But remember not everything one posts on this platform is always true, sometimes it can lead to great misunderstandings and lead to vulnerability towards themselves and others. This world of social media is like a Black hole. It’s a peculiar dilemma that makes us want to revolve our lives around it. Everyone is at risk, everyone is linked, and most importantly no one’s identity is safe!


Did you know that the internet records all your information with every keystroke that you decide to feed on the web? Every photo you upload is archived; you cannot delete a photo from your social media pages. Yes, you can remove it from your profile but these social media pages keep a copy, they always do, and they always have. It’s in the end-user agreement. We just skip when we should be reading them. Did you know you cannot delete your Facebook account? Yes, you can deactivate it but it will always be there and for hackers this is a great way for them to intrude on someone’s privacy. No more secure walking, no more sleepless nights all thanks to these social media pages that we keep on posting our day to day life on.


In the world of social media and networking sites when you post personal information about yourself, it’s no longer secluded and can fall into the wrong hands. Always remember the more you keep on posting you are becoming more vulnerable and prone to danger. Even if you have enabled the highest security setting, have friends, family or associates on your networking site your information can still be inadvertently leaked. All the websites that you’ve subscribed to, the apps you download, and the games you play on social networking sites all contain personal information about you. Every time you browse a website, companies can put invisible markers on your computer called cookies. When you are online, these cookies track your activity as you move from site to site. You can clear the cache and cookies but that still doesn’t mean you’re safe. Avoid posting too much on social media, and if you do decide to just know the risks that you maybe be compelled to.

  1. THE ‘DON’TS’

Don’t post anything religious or political on your social media pages. Keep controversial content at bay and stay away from such content. Its best to avoid such topics as this can lead to controversies and many people can get offended easily. Although we live a world where one reflects on freedom of speech but this is never the case in this part of the world because of our democratic society.

  • These sites can be very addicting, they are easy to use, and they open a window to a whole world of information that wasn’t available before. Social networking websites give you the tool to let the world know about you, and who you are. You may get caught up in visiting the social sites more often and spending enormous amounts of time checking out what others are doing and posting your own deeds. You may waste time at work and you may spend less face time with family and friends.

Be careful of those who are watching you closely, they could be a threat to you and your family.


If you ever happen to come across a negative review of what you posted, simply ignore it. Even if the person who wrote the critical review purposely insulted you, just leave it alone. True story: someone wrote a critical review of a book and the author of that book told the reviewer off. The review did not tarnish the author’s image. Her own reaction did and, as a result, she was attacked online and her reputation suffered just because she could not handle seeing any kind of critical review of her work. Even if someone libels you, never ever respond online since doing so will only further damage your reputation. Take legal action if you must, but, again, keep it all offline.


Did you have a bad day? Or even a bad month? Well, all of us have had rough times. It is natural to need to vent your frustrations from time to time. However, as tempting as it may be, if you are working on building a positive online presence, never ever vent through social media. Go get yourself a private journal or call a caring friend to get it out of your system. What you put out in your social networks is out there forever. Just imagine a potential employer or collaborator reading a Facebook post of you ranting about how you hate life or using every curse word in the book you can kiss your opportunity goodbye hence keep all the negativity away.


Over time, you disclose all kinds of information in a social networking site. Your birth date, your family data, your occupation, your book preferences, your movie preferences, and the travel you have done, the people you work with, the place where you live and other information about yourself. Someone can piece together all this information to steal your identify and create a credible alter you. This has happened many times, when ones social media page gets compromised. Be careful with the information that you put up, and if you ever come across this situation make sure to report it, and take action. Putting yourself and others to risk is a huge crime and this should not be tolerated.


The dangers of social networking sites are real, some worse than others. You can still enjoy the great advantages of social networking if you use social networking sites with skill and caution. Use common sense about the information you will share with others, be aware that social events can land you in a web page at any time. Talk with your children about this, or monitor their activity so they don’t grow to regret the information they posted on their social networking pages. Are internet social networks good or bad? You are the only person that can decide that for yourself, your family and your work.



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