Nadia Hussain Clearing The Air About The Latest Controversy.

There’s a saying by an American business writer that a ‘satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all,’ makes sense for everyone working in the corporate world. Here’s what Nadia Hussain had to say about why she couldn’t satisfy one of her customers’ requests.

Recently, Nadia Hussain has been taking on Instagram to advertise and promote her beauty salon which is now offering lip procedures and eyebrow micro balding.

She has been posting many pictures of the amazing effects of these treatments which attracted many customers, Hussain posted beautiful pictures of her as well in which she’s always looking on point.

Women who can’t afford these procedures asked if they could get a discount but Nadia had to turn them down from getting it. After the fans became very persistent in the comment section, she then posted this message: ‘PLEASE PLEASE don’t send me such msgs!!!!! I run a business, not a charity!!!!.’

This sparked controversies and protests on social media, Nadia had faced a lot of criticism for this, people had commented on her posts that her successful business won’t end if she gives a discount to people who like her work but can’t afford.

They also started calling her names and left critical comments on her post.

This hatred that was directed towards her, only escalated after she further tried explaining what she meant through a video saying that people with social media accounts and internet can never be poor.

This morning I interviewed Nadia Hussain about her views on this whole matter, she was quite upset and described what her thought-process was behind her posts.

According to the beautician, the girl who had initially messaged Nadia that she wants to get the lip procedure done and also on a discount, Nadia had said no to her. The 20-year-old kept on persisting and begging that she really wants to get it done.

Nadia said that “because when she saw a picture of the 20-year-old girl’s lips, she thought that they were were not so thin that they needed this very expensive treatment.”

Secondly, “because the girl kept begging and dramatizing in her message that since she is so poor she needs a discount to get this lip treatment one. This kind of a begging mentality will not let her deal with bigger problems that the girl might face in the future.”

“Posting that screenshot of the girl’s conversation on Facebook was only a way to show the public that this kind of ‘begging attitude’ is not good, people should not beg to get what they want, and these treatments are not an ’emergency treatment’, it’s an optional one.”

Nadia Hussain is running a business, after all, she cannot just be helping people just because they are her fans and they should be given discounts, women shouldn’t pay too much attention to what other people say about them an just be happy with the way they are.

She even started a trend called, #wokeuplikethischallenge captioned under a picture of her with no make-up on to spread awareness about bringing some realness into social media.

Its important to encourage and support young talk about this issue of them being afraid to show their true, authentic self on a public platform.

Let’s hope people understand where Nadia is coming from. We should all become part of this challenge and help spread the word, just like we did for the #icebucketchallenge.