Are Pakistani Dramas A Reflection Of Our Society?

The Pakistani society, like everywhere else has it’s many conflicts and tensions, whether its work, family life, relationships, our day to day routine, or even just the family structure.

Pakistani dramas are mostly based on these issues that we face in our daily life, it perfectly portrays how people deal with problems by breaking the status quo.

It seems that the rules and regulations that are already established by the family dictate everyone’s decisions about who they should and should not have a relationship with, where they should work, the upbringing of children etc.

Real issues such as getting a divorce, rape, kidnappings, mental health problems, affairs etc are all highlighted in dramas accurately as well.

Dramas like; ‘Kaisi Aurat Hun Main‘, is about the struggles of women in society, ‘Udaari‘, is about child abuse, ‘Khuda Mera Bhi Hai‘ which is about a transgender baby who is shunned by society, and ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’, about a mentally ill patient whose parents get him married to solve his problems.

Social issues like the one’s these dramas are based on should be talked about more openly and encouragingly, as they are the key issues that are preventing society from progressing forward.

From tabooed social issues to smaller issues within our household in both the rural and urban areas, these dramas mirror all kinds of situations.

While watching Pakistani dramas we get the opportunity to reflect on our own behavior and be able to fix our problems by understanding what the problem is. For example; if a couple’s relationship is suffering because of a lack of communication, that would be the key to rebuilding their marriage.

Majority of the dramas that we watch today on TV are about how the elders in the family arrange marriages for their children, the situation then gets complicated if one of them falls in love with someone else who might not get the parent’s approval, because of ‘that someones’ class and socio-economic status.

Living in a conservative society where segregation is vital, young people find it very hard to live their life the way they want, and make their own decisions. This is shown in many dramas such as; ‘Aatish‘, ‘Sawari‘ and ‘Band Khirkiyan‘.

These are all love-based stories but they all show what married life is like,  how it gets complicated when people let their feelings cloud their judgment and how the in-laws mistreat the newcomer of the family, which is usually the daughter-in-law.

Some couples fight to get what they want and in the end, achieve this by breaking the status-quo but some are suppressed under the pressures of their families and become desperate to do dramatic things like committing suicide.

Pakistani dramas have indeed become a true reflection of our society, by taking inspiration from the real world and mirroring them back at us. Whether they cover social issues or our lifestyle.



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