Internet Goes Wild After Zayn Malik’s reinterprets ‘Allah Duhai Hai”

We have seen English movies remade into the Indian version and vice versa, now so have songs, like the one Zayn Malik recently did with the Bollywood song, ‘Allah Duhai Hai.’

Mixed race singers like Rihanna, Sean Paul, Shakira among may others have included words in their songs from their native language, however, this is the first time we are listening to a whole song taken from a Bollywood movie and remade by someone who is known better by his English songs.

The international pop singer maintained the lyrics and the melody of the song, just adding some electronic dance music to give it a modern twist. Zayn comfortably sang the whole song in Hindi, not a word in English.

This song is originally from the Bollywood movie, Race, it was the theme song for all 3 series. ‘Allah Duhari Hai.’

Zayn had left his Indian fans pleasantly surprised by this songs’s remake. The cover was posted on his social media accounts, on YouTube it had about 2 million views…talk about influence.

Other than his Hindi pronunciation being a bit subtle, Zayn Malik’s rendition of the famous song was well received by his fans, on Twitter one of his fans called, Kavya, tweeted: “I have never felt more connected with you that I do today, Your mind is so powerful. You make me so proud to be brown.”

A few of the comments on Zayn’s new Bollywood cover said; “The Race song has never sounded so good,” “…I don’t know who asked for Bollywood Zayn but I’m here for it,” altogether a different ‘Race’ing feel,” “this is RAD.”

The 25-year-old singer, had done Bollywood covers before as well, such as; ‘Teri Deewani’ and ‘Allah ke Banday,’ his fans seem to have taken more notice and appreciation for his cover of, ‘Allah Duhai Hai,’ even the ones who couldn’t understand Hindi loved it.

His version of the song does have interesting vibes to it.

Should Zayn get into Bollywood now? We definitely think so!


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