Visa Requirements To Travel To Malaysia Will Partly End.

Last Friday, Pakistan and Malaysia signed an agreement that Malaysia will be partially abolishing visa requirements to travel between both the two countries. This won’t just be a great deal for the officials of the two nations but also for us …as it will make our next travel plans to Malaysia a whole lot easier.

It was in Kuala Lumpur where the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, and the prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Muhammad, had witnessed the signing ceremony, that will strengthen the unity between the two countries, according to a statement made by the Malaysian Foreign Ministry.

The two parties had many talks before the agreement that they will be looking forward to developing their relationship and work on strengthening cooperation in various fields. Both countries will also be discovering new areas where they can collaborate in the future.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan and Malaysia are suffering from similar problems; corruption and debts. And it is only by working together that the two work out these issues.

Khan mentioned that he greatly admires PM Mahathir and that this was the main reason for his visit to Malaysia. He said, “We want to learn from your experience, how you transformed your economy and developed it.”

In a meeting, the Malaysian premier highlighted some of the common issues like privatization, tourism, foreign direct investment (FDI) and food were discussed. This shows how our leaders are not only focused on the politics of Pakistan but in all areas of the country.

On Wednesday, Pakistan and Malaysia had signed a Memorandum of Understanding for partially abolishing the visa between both the countries and on Friday the Partial Visa Abolition Agreement was signed, which is aimed to create a positive relationship and paving the way for a  brighter future for Pakistan.

This agreement will definitely ensure that Pakistan and Malaysia are going to work well together in the future and help renew their friendship on an official level.

Hence, we are very grateful for the making and signing of this deal because it will allow us to apply for our travel visa less of a hassle. Seems like we can look more good things under Imran Khan’s reign.




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