Shannon Satonori Lytle – A Survivor

Let’s talk about beating the odds? Shannon Satonori, a Harvard graduate shared his story about his journey from working at Mc Donalds to become a Harvard graduate.

Shannon Satonori Lytle graduated from Harvard on 26th MAY 2017 but recently his post went viral on social media where he shared his story of accomplishment and the hard work which took him there.

He was a son of a warehouse worker and an immigrant and he became the first person in his family to get a degree and that too from Harvard. He used to make burgers at Mc Donalds so that he could afford to give SAT exams, he took care and fed his three baby siblings until they went to sleep.  Lyttle wrote about the scornful attitude of people around him who used to discourage him.

“I was scoffed at and told, “From this part of Ohio only the children of doctors and lawyers get to go to Ivy League Schools,”

But he did prove them wrong.

Lyttle used to walk home through a dangerous part of the city after extracurricular activities because he couldn’t afford a car. His struggles made him who he is now!

Lyttle also talked about how he used to steal his neighbor’s wifi to finish his homework. The new grad, who finished school with a degree in computer science wrote in a separate post, that he began university with $120 and chose that area of study because it didn’t require as many textbooks, making the classes more affordable than the other subjects.

Lyttle also clarified in a later post that he was aware of SAT fee waivers and other initiatives to make applying to college more affordable to low-income students as he knew that many students out there are not aware of the options out there and that many schools can be affordable too.

As for Lyttle, he wanted other people in his situation to know that they shouldn’t feel inferior because of their socio-economic status.

‘No matter what your personal obstacle is, please don’t feel this way if you can help it. Raise your head, roll up your sleeves, and work hard knowing that every person is valuable and deserves a chance to become the person they want to be.”


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