Wedding event or a Bollywood movie?

Since the wedding season is here and weddings are by nature an expensive ordeal if you are sponsoring a party for all your family and friends. Well, that’s going to cost you some money.

There is going to be the cost of the venue and the cost of food for the 50-100 odd people you invite to your wedding so yeah, by that definition you are likely to incur an expense, an expense that is considerably higher than your average everyday expense.

But, this is not the wedding I am going to talk about today.

The wedding I am going to talk about and which are quite common nowadays is the “the wedding of excess” the wedding which begins with lavish invitation, an engagement party at a lavish hotel, an all-night bachelor’s party and all the unnecessary events like mehndi or other musical events  in which we tend to spend way too much to book posh venues, with lots of people and lots of food along with high decoration costs just like high production Bollywood style movie with bride and groom as the stars shown to all the guests.

Along with all the different varieties of food and with late night lavish wedding ceremonies, and not to forget the professional cameraman and videographers which also includes drones for air coverage to shoot the whole Bollywood movie, oops! sorry I mean the wedding.

With all this how can we forget all the expensive designer clothes, makeup, and jewelry which costs the most for 1 day or a 3-day event,I mean why do you want to spend Rs 80,000 on your makeup which will wash off in a few hours or have a bridal dress which  costs in lakhs, this would simply don’t do anything but build up expectations for a middle-class family as well where people get pressurized when they can’t even afford it

I mean why do we need some exotic sweet smelling flower from South Africa to make our wedding day beautiful? or An expensive car so that a groom can arrive and give an entry like a hero with a lot of guests whom you have never met 1/4 of them ever in your life.


Weddings like these costs somewhere between 50 lakhs- 1 crore and that’s a lot of money where you can easily find a lot of better alternatives or do a simpler wedding with close family and friends. I mean maybe its a large fraction of the family’s fortune and in some cases it can be the entire life savings of the family and a lot of families take personal loans to fulfill all the excess requirements.

So I guess the point is why do people spend so much at the wedding? Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to show off your opulence to the entire society but does everyone enjoy spending their hard earned money in weddings? Hell, no! A lot of people do it out of peer pressure.

So what you can do rather than spending so much at the wedding? In fact, just imagine what all we could have done with that money? Maybe do some savings and buy a nice house or keep the money in the bank in case an emergency strikes or even better, go for a wonderful trip or quit your jobs and pursue that one hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue.


Its high time that we realize that our weddings are not a highly produced Bollywood movie but a new life and a beautiful bond shared between two people which can be done in a simple way as well.


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