Zhalay Sarhadi faces threats after receiving a PR package from an online store!

Zhalay Sarhadi, a renowned Pakistani television actress, model, and former VJ receives a PR package from an online store and what happened next was unbelievable!


Zhalay recently received a PR package from an online shopping brand called ‘sablayjao.pk’ and posted a picture on her Instagram story wearing PJs sent by them and as per Instagram regulations, it was gone within 24 hours!

Later, she was constantly asked by the page to upload the picture on her Instagram and not her story. She clearly told them that as it was a gift and whatever she will do with the PJs is her choice.

let’s take a look at what happened.


After constant misbehavior, Zhalay asked them to take the package back on which they started threatening her that they will give her number to the police and will post her address publicly.




They also called Zhalay ‘unprofessional’ only because she did not put up a picture in those PJs and promoted them.

While attending an event, she came live on her Instagram because she was bursting out with anger as it was unethical and not fair to her.

Zhalay, named and shamed the brand on her Instagram story and in my opinion, this was the right thing to do because it was not fair to her and brands like these needs to understand that this behavior is intolerable!




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