Sara Tawab Carry’s Out Her Duties As An Assistant Commissioner And Mother

Women should also be referred to as ‘multitaskers’ especially the ones who are playing more than one or two roles in their lives, and Sara Tawab is no stranger to this term. She is the assistant commissioner of Peshawar, a mother and now a role model to all the Pakistani women.

Sara Tawab was spotted recently in Peshawar inspecting the shops in Faqir Abad, Dilzak Road and in Hashtnagri area while carrying her 5 month old daughter on the streets of Peshawar.

As part of her duties, she managed to arrest 27 offenders for overpricing, encroachment, unhygienic conditions and non-availability of Government rate lists. The Peshawar Deputy Commissioner had also shared pictures of Sara doing her job as well minding her child on his Facebook page.

Everyone on social media is speaking very highly for the female officer, who looked very professional and graceful as she carried out her duties with so much dedication.

A few tweets were also posted in her honor.



Pakistani women are now taking on huge roles in the government, business and as social activists, Sara Tawab is among those women, who every girl should look up to, as these pictures on social media prove that you can manage both responsibilities as a mother and as a working woman.

Women are no longer constraint to only being a wife or a mother, they are able to perform duties outside these roles as well. We can see them finally breaking stereotypes that are attached to women, and Sara Tawab is certainly an inspiration to all the young women in Pakistan.

Tawab’s actions in these pictures is a confirmation that women don’t have to stop working when they become mother’s or housewives, which is a concept that the conservatives and the patriarchs in our society are forbidding us to follow.

So have the courage to go out there and work, and become a superwoman like Sara!




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