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Makeup Hacks

Make your life simpler by implementing these super cool makeup hacks in your lives. The five steps listed below are super fun to try and will save your time and efforts.

1- Reinventing your mascara

Please next time invest your money in something better than adding another mascara product to your makeup collection. You are totally wrong if you think your mascara is of no good and you need a new one. Just insert four to five drops of saline liquid to the mascara tube and it will seem like it’s a brand new product all over again. All the best!

2- Giving a smooth touch to your wing

Adding a dramatic look to eyes by proper eyeliner application can be challenging right? Well not anymore. You can now make your eyeliner pencil tip smoother by placing it on a flame for 5-6 seconds. This will prevent your eyeliner from a rough look and the smudge you will get will be too hot to handle.

3- Ever lasting lipstick

For some girls lipstick hardly lasts for a longer while. One hack that will totally work for you all is using a translucent powder as frequent as you can. After application of lipstick you can place a tissue paper on your lips and on top of that you must rub the powder with your fingers. Although a bit old school, this trick always works.

4- Saving your life from clumpy mascara

Not getting the right mascara can spoil your entire look as eyes are significant part of your face. A quick step you need to follow every time you plan to put mascara is to place your mascara inside a glass containing hot water. This will free your mascara from any clumps that are present and you will be grateful for knowing this trick all your life.

5- Creating lip gloss out of your own makeup

You don’t really have to spend thousands of bucks until unless you are brand conscious. If you obsessed with funky color lip glosses, you can easily prepare one yourself at home in less than fifteen minutes. Yes, you heard that right. Rather than discarding your over used or old fashioned eye shadow palettes, you can bring them to use by inventing lip glosses for yourself. All you need is a very small size spatula to convert your eye shadow into a powder form and later add petroleum jelly to it. Only two steps and you are done. Try it out yourself!