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Ready Steady No: A must watch!

Ready Steady No is a brainchild of a very talented writer-director Hisham Bin Munawar who has portrayed the story line of the movie in the most convincing way possible. This movie is a romcom inspired from real life events and the film as a whole wins our hearts with its touching plot, powerful dialogues and hilarious jokes that kept our interest intact till the end. Despite having certain flaws, our team loved the movie for its honesty and convincing plot that audience will surely be able to relate to.

The film revolves around two lovers who manage to escape from their families who disapprove of their relationship as they belong to different castes. The movie depicts the concept of the current scenario of our society where caste issues are still prioritized before anything despite so much of progression. Although the film had nothing new to offer in terms of content, the movie entertained us throughout with its interesting characters and light jokes.

Main leads of the movie Aamna Ilyas and Faisal Saif did absolute justice to their roles by bringing their characters to life. Aamna Ilyas is quite convincing in her part where she is seen portraying character of a happy go lucky young girl who believes in true love. Similarly, Faisal’s performance is definitely worth remembering. Other senior actors like Salman Shahid, Ismail Tara and Nargis Raheed are as usual amazing in majority parts. Moreover, we loved Marhoom Ahmad Bilal as an advocate and Afzal Zain as a cleric in most of their scenes but we felt there was still scope of improvement. Our favorite character out of all was Nayyer Ejaz who is playing role of a palmist and a cleric. Nayyer Ejaz managed to impress us with his powerful expressions and great command over his character that we still can’t stop thinking about.


Music could have been much better as none of the songs managed to create a powerful impact. All in All Ready Steady No is a good family movie that promises romance, comedy and entertainment to its viewers. It’s definitely a one time watch film. So go for it!