Who can deny the power of this singer and beauty mogul? Every time she steps out, she makes a statement with her outfit and daring makeup looks. When she launched Fenty Beauty, it became an instant hit with girls and women everywhere for its diverse beauty products. With it, Rihanna also revealed some of her makeup secrets and tricks to looking flawless all the time!

This summer, take some makeup inspiration for Rihanna and get to know some of her secrets to achieving the perfect look for the season in 15 minutes!

  1. Do not skip the foundation

Find out what shade you are and then start your makeup routine with the foundation. Now, Rihanna applies it generously and goes for full coverage but you can figure out what works for you best and then blend well with a beauty blender.

  1. Own the Contour

The thing that we can all learn from the ultimate beauty expert is that you should contour your face according to its shape and not how you see other people do it. Every face is different which is why; you should contour according to your own shape and features. Other than that, you should also focus a little contouring on the neck area as well.

  1. Conceal Away

Warm up a small drop of concealer on your hand and gently swipe under the eyes. Blend well with a blender and hide all the bags and dark circles! You really cannot create that flawless summer look without a concealer!

  1. Blotting Powder is your best friend

In order to set the foundation, concealer and contour, you need a blotting powder. Apparently, Rihanna never even leaves her home without it.  For your summer routine, you should definitely invest in one as its quite helpful for makeup setting.

  1. Layer the Highlighter

This is really the trick that can transform any look and give you the ideal glow. You can layer the highlighters with different ones or experiment with one only.

  1. Dark Eye Shadow

You can really bring out your eyes with dark eye shadow, any shade of brown. This also works like magic when it comes to covering under eye bags. Rihanna adds a little hint of gold to the corner of her eyes for effect and once you do that, you are ready for a glamorous night out!