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Personal Hygiene Tips

Poor personal hygiene is not only a disappointment on your part but people who hang out with you also have to pay a price for it by tolerating your unhygienic presence. It’s about time that you start caring about your personal hygiene as it says a lot about who you are as a person. You can follow these three tips as your everyday personal hygiene routine.

Shower and moisturize

Showering every day in this humid weather is essential. Your hair, body and face are in need of care and showering with loofahs makes a lot of difference. To avoid nasty smells don’t forget to scrub your feet and elbows gently. Apply moisturizer all over your body to avoid dry patches on your skin.

Changing clothes everyday

Concept of personal hygiene is not just restricted to your body cleanliness. It is also about wearing fresh clothes each day to smell good. Change of undergarments is a must as we tend to sweat a lot in our everyday work routine. In order to avoid any sort of skin infections, changing clothes on a daily basis must be your top priority.

Trim and file your nails

Having dirty long nails can be a big turn off. Your nails and toes are the first thing people notices in your hands and feet. Trim and file your nails every week but be careful of not cutting them close to your skin as that can lead to infections and sores.