Ramsha Khan compared to Anushka Sharma, what she thinks?

Ramsha Khan, a wonderful youthful ability that begun her career with “Thora Jee Lay” has been seen in a few ventures in Lollywood. She has astounding acting aptitude and does each part with brilliance. But since she begun her career she has been compared to Anushka Sharma a part. Everybody considers them as each other’s doppleganger and never overlooks to remind us so. But Ramsha on one hand doesn’t like being compared. Wanna know why? Keep perusing.

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ramsha khan compared

Ramsha Khan compared to Anushka Sharma

In a meet with Ahsan Khan on Bol Evenings, she was inquired how she feels being compared to the indian on-screen character and Ramsha answered that “I would like to be known as my own person” which appears she needs to be recongnized by her claim ability and not as a copy of someone.

Watch the meet below:

Ramsha was not off-base and we moreover think individuals ought to be known for what they do themselves and not for being a duplicate of someone.

What do you folks think? Let us know in the comments below.

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