4 ways to perfecting your Winged Eyeliner

Nobody can deny the fact that eyeliner is all that is needed to give a dramatic look to eyes and make them prominent. Almost all girls dream of mastering the skill of putting perfect winged eyeliner in pursue of enhancing their eyes whenever they feel like dressing up. No wonder, many enroll themselves into professional makeup classes hoping to learn the tricks involved in getting a grip of this art. Well, all girls are in luck as there are four super easy ways that will help them achieve an ideal winged liner eyes that will definitely redefine their look.

Tapes are life savers when it comes to crucial task of getting a flawless cat eye look. Only a small section of 2-3cm of tape needs to be placed on the outer side of eyes where you are aiming to make a wing. Once that is done, a wing line must be drawn in direction of the tape line and in the end it must join the line of the upper lash to give a fine finish.

Spoon comes to rescue as well in accomplishing this task. Spoon edge can be used to form a wing line towards the outer section of the eye and the round portion of the spoon must be utilized for forming a curve at the upper eyelid. Final step involves combining the curve line to the line that you first made at the outer edge and the area between the two lines must be filled in the end.

Angular brushes are indeed a friend in need. This method involves three basic steps. For this method it is best to use gel eyeliner for making a wing. First step is to take some gel on the brush and a straight wing line must be formed towards the edges of the eyes. Next step is to make use of the inverted area of the angular brush for the upper portion of the eye to produce a cool curve. Final step involves filling the whole area that exists between the two liners to get the smashing look.

Business cards can completely end your struggle once and for all. Who would imagine that something that is always present in your handbag can be used as an instant solution for a perfect winged liner? Best way to use business cards is to use one of the rectangular straight edges of the card by placing it slant at the outer edge of your eyes and making a wing line. Next part is to draw a curvy line and cut it to place it on your upper eyelid and trace the shape of that on your eyes. In the end color the space present between the two lines which is a matter of seconds!




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