5 Hacks to get the ‘no makeup’ look

This summer definitely calls out for a no makeup look that looks completely natural and gives a perfect glow to skin.  We are here to help you out to achieve a dewy skin with fun tips and tricks that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Primer comes first

If you are expecting to achieve a no makeup look, primer is the most essential thing and should always be your first priority. Skin really matters when you decide for a no makeup look as you will be using all the products in minimal quantity. Primer gives your skin an even tone with a perfect moisture. It is best to shakeup the primer well before applying on skin as sometimes primers tend to get sticky which is not great for a best look.  Shake it well to get a smooth finish on your skin.

Apply blush under foundation

Applying a blush before foundation will end up giving a soft and flushed look that you will fall in love with. We advise you to go a little heavy with your blush application and then apply a foundation over it so that the blush stains are visible. Good luck!

Oil and wax textures foundations

We highly recommend the use of oil and wax textured foundations compared to dry or powdered ones for a fine finish. Oil and wax based foundations have relatively high pigments and provides with smooth coverage which can disguise people into believing that you are not wearing a base at all.

Beige color eyeliner pencil

Ditch the idea of a kohl or black eyeliner as it might get a bit too loud for a no makeup look. Go for a beige color eyeliner pencil which will brighten your overall look with its soft shade and make your eyes stand out.


Nude lips

Nude lips are a must for a ‘No makeup look’. Opt for a lighter shade that gives a subtle look. If you don’t feel like going for a lipstick, gloss will work out equally well. Just be sure of applying a lip balm before any shade application to get rid of the chapped lips.

Hydrating mist

After you are done with applying all the products on your face don’t forget to spray a good brand hydrating mist on your face so that the makeup stays settled for long hours. It is better to use a hydrating mist compared to a setting powder as sometimes the powder can melt into the skin due to the humid weather.

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