5 Pakistani makeup products that are mind blowing and you might not know about it!

With a lot of cognizance of makeup among locals, there is a high demand in calling for foreign makeup to Pakistan, social media has been used to sell foreign makeup products which are not so easily available in local stores.

You guys must be thinking that it’s easy to order it online? Well no, It is one of the difficult tasks to order these makeup online and paying approximately double the price of the product due to shipment and other taxes. I would love to buy everything from these pages but most of the times my pocket doesn’t allow me.

So I came up with something better and convenient as all these high-end products would just empty my pockets and since I am a makeup junkie I can’t resist it.

I got the idea while I was visiting this local makeup store, I tried and swatched some local lipsticks and foundations and I couldn’t believe that we have been wasting our money on all these high-end products when we can easily get all of this locally in a cheaper price.

We have a lot of really good Pakistani makeup brands which are easily accessible across the board, and we can easily get our hands on them at different departmental and local makeup stores and online.

I finally made a list of all the good local makeup brands which has helped everyone around me. Instead of getting one or two high-end products in the same amount, I can also get everything in the local brands and trust me all these products can easily outright imported high-end makeup products.

1) Fair ‘n lovely  BB cream

Price: Rs 110

This is a must-have BB cream and when you look at the price one can hardly believe that how good it is as I was a bit skeptical too initially, but I can totally vouch for this as I have been using it since quite a few months now and its great! The texture is much better than Garnier or ponds BB cream, according to me.

One thing which I didn’t like about this BB cream is that it only comes in one shade, and I’m unable to figure out whether its more towards the warmer tone or the cooler tone. I’d say its neutral which might not be good for very fair or dark skin complexions.

2) Massarat Misbah foundation

Price: Rs 1,450

This foundation is actually a lot better than the many high-end foundations and its a perfect dupe for Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It was so much in demand lately that these were mostly out of stock and people were going crazy about it.


It has more warm tones which are specially made for Asian skin tones and its the best for oily skin!

 3) Clazona Lip colors

Price: Rs 150

This was by far my most favorite local lip color range! Perfect dupe for Colorpop lip colors but it’s not as drying as Colorpop, which is a plus and you can get 5 lip Clazona lip colors instead of just one Colourpop lip color which I think is a great deal.


Who wouldn’t wanna grab this amazing range of lip colors in just Rs 150! These are easily available in any local makeup shop and the vibrant shades are simply gorgeous whether they are nudes, pinks or reds, you can find every shade in Clazona lip color range.

4) Beauty world Glitters 

Price: Rs 900

If you are a Pakistani, you naturally love glitters. This local online Pakistani brand “beauty world” will provide you with the most amazing range of pressed glitters! You won’t find it anywhere except their online pages.

I ordered these few months back and they were amazingly good. There was hardly any fall outs and they looked gorgeous on my eyelid. These are not as good as Stilla glitter range, but if we look at the price its a much better alternative for a lot of other high-end glitters.

5) Zayfied MOD SKOT palette 

Price: Rs 2799

This palette is simply gorgeous! The colors and pigmentation of the shades are superlative. It comes in this purple bomb packaging which makes it look royal. Zayfied mod skot palette is only available on their online page.

It’s a very planned out palette that has every color you need and the packaging looks sturdy along with a huge mirror. It is easy to use even by girls who have never used eyeshadows before as it guides you through the steps of eye makeup with segmentation of shadows in the palette.

I also love how the shade names are written on the actual packaging and not the plastic separator sheet that comes with it.


I would prefer these products over any high-end product! Hope this helps everyone around.

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