5 times you wanted to copy Pakistani celebrity’s hairstyle

Women often aspire to adopt the latest trend that is ruling the fashion industry in order to stay up to date. There is no doubt that Pakistani actresses always have their style game on point and fans learn a lot from them when it comes to fashion. As hairstyling plays an integral part in how you end up looking, we decided to shortlist five actresses whose hairstyle most of the women wanted to copy in recent times. Have a look!

1- Iqra aziz

Iqra Aziz is never afraid of experimenting and trying out bold looks when it comes to her hair. She received a lot of appreciation for her short and edgy haircut that she got done a while ago. Get the same haircut and keep it as natural and rough as possible to achieve the same look!

2- Amna ilyas

Heavy curls and back combing can never go wrong. Amna Ilyas shows us the right way of carrying out the look with confidence. Buy the best quality curling rod and get the same look. Don’t forget to brush your hair to open your curls a little bit for a bounce. Good luck!

3- Mahirah Khan

No one can pull off the subtle look of a low bun hairstyle better than Mahirah Khan. This seems like the perfect hairstyle for casual and formal look both. You can totally try out this hairstyle if you are hanging out with friends or going for a formal dinner.

4- Sadaf Kanwal

Beach waves are everyone’s favorite these days. Sadaf Kanwal looks gorgeous in her beach waves hairstyle and we can’t take our eyes off her. This hairstyle  is totally invented for a perfect summer look.

5- Sana Javed

Trying out different sort of braids with straight hair texture can be totally fun. Girls literally went crazy when they saw Sana Javed donning this cute girly hairstyle for her project Romeo Weds Heer. Try out this super chic hairstyle soon if you haven’t done it yet.


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