Celebrities NO MAKEUP days

Female celebrities also have days where they take a break from dolling up and are captured without any trace of makeup. These days actresses don’t feel shy in coming out with a bare face that has no makeup on and we must say we love to see them in their ‘NO MAKEUP’ days. Have a look at the no makeup days of these five top actresses we totally admire.

1- Mahirah Khan

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mahirah Khan is an epitome of elegance and beauty with or without makeup. This Pakistani sweetheart never shies away from exposing her moles or chapped lips to the public.  We love the natural glow on her face and can’t wait to know about her skin regimen.


2- Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt posted a no makeup picture of herself during her vacation at Lake Como and we can simply not stop drooling over her flawless skin. She is undoubtedly a natural beauty and we truly appreciate how she believes in keeping things real. Love you girl!


3- Saba Qamar

Our favorite actress Saba Qamar looks radiant as ever even without makeup. Her charismatic personality is enough to grab all the attention in the crowd and we are totally in awe of her. This beauty does not need makeup to enhance her features and we wish to see more of Saba Qamar in these types of looks. You are the best!

4- Katrina Kaif

We find her no makeup days better and more radiant than her dolled up looks. Katrina Kaif is a real beauty who does not need to depend on makeup to look beautiful. Her smile is enough to capture everyone’s attention. Thumbs up for this natural beauty!


5- Iqra Aziz

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actress Iqra Aziz is quite confident about herself and is often spotted wearing no makeup. We appreciate how she flaunts her no makeup face with the right attitude and is never conscious to be clicked without makeup. Keep going!

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