By Dr Saadiya Waqas

(Consultant Dermatologist)

It was a chilly winter morning. The birds were chirping as the cool breeze touched young Rayaans dry skin. The sky was painted blue and there was no sign of the sun.

While Rayaan was staring out of his window, he noticed his skin. It was really dry and rough and at some places he could see some patches aswell. Rayaan complained to his mother and soon they rushed to see the dermatologist.
That’s the most common complaint we encounter when spring changes into winter and cool breeze strikes in. Dry air becomes a potential health hazard which can lead to many problems like nose bleeds, certain respiratory problems like asthma and above all dehydration as the body loses fluids through perspiration. This happens because moisture is evaporating from our skin causing it to crack and become flaky.

A very common skin condition caused by lack of inadequate amount of water in the most superficial layer of skin is called Epidermis. If we don’t moisturize our skin well and not have an adequate amount of fluids our skin will lose its elasticity and will become dull and dry.

Environmental factors like cold & dry air, frequent hand washing and sanitizing causes dryness aswell. Extreme dryness leads to cracks and itching which in turn produces fissures which causes bleeding.

Now what should be done to prevent our skin from this dryness?

• Use of moisturizing soaps (Do not use harsh soaps with fragrance and chemicals).

• Drink a lot of fluids and

• Apply ample amount of moisturizing lotions and creams.

• In the case of itching one needs anti allergic medicines. So see a dermatologist!

Rayaan listened to the doctor’s advice carefully and followed the instructions!
But as always one should always remember that no matter the weather always carry your own sunshine!
Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful change in weather!

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