How mehndi can destroy your skin, Shaista Lodhi will tell you.

It’s no modern news that Mehendi/Henna is the center of wedding season in desi families. Whoever is getting hitched, it is obligatory for all the women taking portion within the wedding to dress their hands in shades of ruddy, maroon and dark. But excellence continuously comes with a cost, reknowned actress/talkshow have and Specialist, Shaista Lodhi just made us mindful of all the terrible side impacts henna can have on your skin. Keep reading the article to know how Shaista Lodhi warns us about mehndi.

shaista lodhi

Shaista Lodhi talks about Mehndi

In a later video that was posted by Dr. Lodhi, it was uncovered that wedding henna can be amazingly perilous for anybody who uses it. The chemicals included to the cones to form the colour more dynamic are so difficult that they can cause 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the clients skin.

Lodhi went on saying that 2nd and 3rd degree burns are so serious that they cannot indeed be treated appropriately and can cause lasting harm to the skin. She was completely right when she said that these skin scraped spots can cause a person’s certainty to smash totally.

Watch the complete video below.

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