Makeup trends to follow this August

When it comes to makeup, trends are never constant and every season demands for a distinct look. We have discovered five super chic makeup looks that will redefine your features this August. Have a look!

Wet makeup look

Most celebrities are seen in wet makeup look and it nothing but spectacular. For achieving this look it’s important that you keep your skin well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Products which need to be applied on your skin are hyaluronic acid serum to add in the glow which lasts longer and light foundation with a fine finish. Liquid foundation is recommended to get the right look. Highlighter and pink tint are a must to stand out in a crowd!

Glitter all the way

If you have plans of attending an awards night or you are in mood to party with your friends, glitter is all that you need at the moment. Make sure not to put a dark color lipstick with heavy glitter eyes as that can ruin the look. Go for soft nude shades that with heavy contouring to complement your glitter eye look. Glitter look is the best look for the pictures that no one can say no to.

Smoky makes so much sense

It’s time to experiment a bit with the smoky eyes. Rather than opting for the usual black color smoky eyes, go for some other funky colors like green, blue or even orange. Flaunt the look with confidence and grace people with your fun makeup skills.

Pink delight

Pink is the color of all seasons. This color works for all occasions and you will never face a dull moment by donning this look. What should of pink you want to go with really depend on you and which shade you think will go with your complexion. Pink eye shadow, blush and lipstick is all that you need to step out of the house looking radiant as ever.

No makeup look

If you are in no mood of doing a high coverage makeup, no makeup look is the right choice. We agree that humid weather can hinder your idea of going wild with your makeup choices. But No makeup look is actually very light on the skin and hardly takes 5 minutes. Go for it!

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