Pampering your Hands & Feet

Women are usually more conscious about their face than anything else in the world. They go extra mile to make sure that they follow very strict skin care regimen no matter what the situation is like. However, working hard to maintain a good condition for their hands and feet is equally important but females often end up neglecting the care their hands and feet require. As hands and feet are one of the most exposed parts of your body it is highly essential they you take care of them. We have 5 amazing tips for you to work on!

1-Trim your nails and keep them well shaped

Trimming nails depends upon the speed at which your nails grow. If your nails grow really fast it is better to trim them at the end of every week. Incase they have a slow growth pace you can trim it once in every two weeks. Moreover, shape your nails according to what complements your hands and feet the most.

2-Exfoliate your hands and feet regularly

Using a hand scrub is very important and everyone should get into the habit of exfoliating. This keeps the hands and feet soft and in healthy condition. So start it from today!

3- Moisture to prevent dryness

You must invest in a hand and feet cream that contains emollient ingredients which include butter, natural oils and glycerine. These ingredients help in tackling dryness and keeps skin of the hands and feet in good shape. Make a habit of applying a cream after washing you hands and feet every time you go to bed.

4-Manicure and pedicure is a must

Manicure and pedicure is important and makes any girl feel a lot better about her hands and feet. It gives your hands and feet a fresh touch and should not be missed out at any cost. After all condition of your hands and feet matter the most.

5-Use nail brush to clean nails

Dirty nails can be a big turn off! It is about time you purchase a nail brush to clean your nails every time you notice dirt particles accumulating underneath it. Best way to use it is to scrub your nails from the inside and wash hands after that.

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