Step Aside traditional makeup, because there’s a new beauty trend going viral and its Called: ‘Prosthetic Makeup”

Putting on makeup aims to help you look more beautiful, agreed, but what if we tell you that there is another type of makeup that can be used to even further enhance your beauty. And no we’re not talking about cosmetic surgeries, we are talking about prosthetic makeup.

Prosthetic makeup is usually used by professional makeup artists in movies, and this has now been adopted in the Asian trends.

It’s used in fiction movies such as Lord of The Rings or Mask, in which they completely transform the person into a beast, or mutated.

People are not using the makeup to the point that they want to transform into hideous monsters or mythical creatures. Rather they use tape and professional wax to make their facial features look more prominent, along with their usual everyday makeup products.

Special products to give your face a more upward look, such as a ski-slope nose requires a little ball of carefully placed wax, and Special FX slap could give you the skyscraper cheekbones and razor-sharp jawlines of your dreams.

These prosthetic makeup products have now become a part of the Asian beauty trend and they are designed to help ‘improve’ your facial features, its effects are hardly noticeable afterward.

An American Youtuber, Promise Tamang, made a tutorial video of how we can prosthetic makeup to make our face look more outstanding, she also mentioned that this trend is becoming particularly in China.

In the video, Promise says that this makeup can drastically change your looks, and we totally agree with her and look completely different when you’re taking off the look. “they go from zero to hundred really quick. The secret is that its 80% makeup and the rest is basically really fancy apps and filters.”

At the point when she was taking off her “improved look” she started with the duct tape that highlighting her jawline, which helped give it V shape, though it felt like she was wearing a neck brace. It felt incredibly painful when taking it off, but it made such a difference to your jaw-line.

After all, pain is a beauty…right?

Next, Promise put on a primer mixed with sunscreen to make her skin color very light, which is what most Chinese women do.

Then she used wax on the bridge of her nose to make it look skinnier. She then went on to use a double eye-lid tape to change the shape of her eye, that would a create a crease. And added some contact lenses to not only change the color of her eye but also to make it look rounder.

At the end of her video, Promise had aV shaped jawline, a skinny nose, and big, bright, round eyes, she even said that she looked like an alien with big eyes or a doll or even like an ant.

Promise had completely transformed with this prosthetic makeup and of course, anyone would if they some duct tape and contact lenses and wax. It seems like a very unique trend that’s going around all over China.

Would you go use makeup like this to make yourself stand out or would you be comfortable with your natural looks?

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